The Functioning of Stadium Heaters

How Does Stadium Heating Work?

Simply, we apply the technology of the sun – by using infrared radiation. Like the sun, our Schwank stadium heaters produce infrared energy.

To achieve this effect, a mixture of natural gas and air is ignited on the surface of ceramic tiles. We pride ourselves that these ceramic tiles have not only been invented by Schwank in 1939 but have been experiencing tremendous innovation to this day. Today, we still manufacture this core technology in our own German facility to provide the best performance and efficiency. Once ignited, the infrared stadium heaters develop powerful infrared radiation by developing temperatures of 950°C / 1800°F. The radiation is directed, by means of highly reflective reflectors made from FERAN®, to the exact location where it is required. Then, the energy is converted into heat at the point of contact, i.e., when the radiation energy hits surfaces or the skin. Following, spectators can be provided with pleasant temperatures to compensate for their reduced metabolic processes when sitting. The heat is delivered instantly and at very low operating costs of less than €0.05 per seat and per match.

Our stadium heaters have been designed to master the most challenging and harsh outdoor environments of football stadiums, such as extreme height, weather, moisture impact and constant turbulences under the roof.

Real Madrid with its 1,100 Schwank stadium heaters is the living example of how to tackle these challenges: some heaters deliver perfect heat from 55m height, despite wind and different weather conditions. What to consider: Even on windless days tremendous turbulences occur under every stadium roof. To combat this situation, Schwank has designed, engineered, and patented wind protection screen systems in order to operate stadium heating safely under all conditions. Renowned clubs such as Real Madrid, Fenerbahçe Istanbul and Sparta Prague have chosen such safety measures to ensure flawless operations without any interruptions.

“Since the commissioning, the heating system is working on demand and with full availability, providing a high level of satisfaction to the spectators.“

– David Luis Agrelo, Real Madrid


The Benefits of Stadium Heaters

  • More than 80 years of stadium/outdoor experience
  • More than 30 references in UK, Spain, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Turkey, USA & Canada
  • Use of ultra-reflective unique FERAN® with non-corrosive properties
  • Patented, exclusive wind protection screen
  • Weather-proof controls
  • Low-cost operation of less than €0.05 per spectator and match

Therefore, Schwank stadium heaters are the best choice when it comes to a safe, high quality and efficient solution for a stadium heating system.

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