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What Is the History of Infrared Stadium Heating?

Schwank was founded in 1933 and since 1939 has focused its activities on infrared heating. This was the year when Günther Schwank, invented the world’s first Luminous Heater [German: Hellstrahler]. In the UK these units are called Plaque heaters, in the US they are called High-Intensity Heaters: different names for the same technology. This was an amazing invention as it’s allowed the heating of big spaces in a very economical way by only the press of a button.

Today Schwank, headquartered in Germany, is still a family run company in its third generation with a global network of subsidiaries and partners. Meanwhile more than 2.5 M units have been installed in football stadiums, sports clubs, production facilities, distribution centres and outdoor areas [patio heating].

Thanks to our advances and expertise, many years of experience and our dedication to best quality products, we are the global market leader for gas-infrared-heaters. Additionally, Schwank offers a wide variety of HVAC solutions including gas heat pumps, ventilation systems [roof tops & HVLS fans] and air curtains.

Our strong position in stadium heating we owe to our excellent products and our dedication to delivering the best possible advice and service. For over 50 years we have been heating sports fans in more than 30 football stadiums all over the world.

Schwank’s Quality Is a Promise

Made in Germany

We believe that passion is the crucial element for innovative products, together with a commitment of energy efficiency and “Made in Germany” quality. These attributes form the basis of our daily work. Each energy efficient heating system is made from materials of the highest quality to ensure lifelong reliable performance. Therefore, innovation, durability and efficiency of our luminous heaters make them the best choice for stadium heating in a challenging outdoor environment.


Call us picky, but before a Schwank product leaves our production doors, it is thoroughly checked.  Only when it meets our high-quality standards, it earns the name “Schwank”.

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