Stadium Heating by Schwank

What Is Stadium Heating?

The concept of stadium heating is to provide comfort to fans on cold days. The heat is generated with infrared heaters. We differentiate between electric and gas operated infrared heaters. Gas infrared heaters have clear advantages over electric heating because, first, the heating capacity is substantially higher and therefore they can easily overcome large distances [from roof to grandstand] and second, the operating cost is substantially lower [about 1/3]. Today there are about 50 stadiums worldwide which have recognised the benefits of gas infrared heaters in football/soccer arenas.



„Finally we have selected primoSchwank … and are very satisfied with the results in terms of temperature fulfilment and technical quality even under rough weather conditions.“

– Justin Evans, Chelsea FC

What Are The Benefits of Stadium Heaters?

Simply to provide heat and therefore a high level of comfort to your fans and VIP sections at only the press of a button. Further, in many countries football/soccer has evolved to a family event. Infact, the sensitivity to cold temperatures is substantially higher with women and children. Infrared technology for stadium heating is an ingenious technology and has a number of significant benefits:

  • Effective heat: Infrared energy is transmitted virtually loss-free and is transformed into heat once it touches surfaces and the skin. It’s the technology of the sun, only without UV radiation.
  • Immediate heat: With the press of a button, the systems are turned on and heat can be felt within a couple of minutes.
  • Inexpensive heat: Operating costs are between €0,03 to €0,05 per spectator per match. Therefore, a stadium with a seating capacity of 40,000, will have heating expenses of less than €2,000 per game. That’s happy customers at a very low price.
  • Proven heat: We invented and developed this technology for more than 80 years. During that time, we have heated over 100,000 production facilities and distribution centres around the globe with exactly the same technology. We can say that no one has more experience than Schwank. We design, develop, and manufacture the heating systems including its core technology: the ceramic tiles, ourselves. This is important as we deliver the highest possible quality.
  • Best references: We pride ourselves that prestigious clubs such as Real Madrid and Chelsea FC trust our technology. Not only that: Real Madrid has liked our technology so much, they have even equipped their B-stadium [Estadio Alfredo Di Stéfano] with our systems. That’s what we call customer satisfaction.

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